Certificate in Modelling Social Protection

Gain skills to create effective social security and public employment policies.
Stand out by learning how to quantify their impact.

Multi-Sector Macroeconomic Modelling Course

Learn how the economy and its sectors work through the lens of economic models
Receive access to state of art economic models to learn and practice designing macro and industry policy scenarios, conducting impact analysis, and integrating model projections into medium and long-term M&E.

Gain Indispensable Skills

EMA Certificate courses focuses on sharpening your analytical and empirical skills in economic modelling, from policy design, impact analysis, forecasting, modelling and evaluation thus enabling you to tackle development challenges.

Hands-On Learning

EMA courses are facilitated by an experienced and dedicated faculty which provides High-level modelling skills, through integrated practical hands-on-learning.



Real-World Application

EMA’s courses are designed to empower and develop you with skills, that can be immediately applied to real world economic problems.

EMA is an organisation that teaches high-level executive skills in economic modelling, one of today’s most in-demand skills.

To thrive in the global economy, leaders and organizations increasingly rely on those trained in economic modeling to better inform their challenging decision making. Our responsive and specialized training can develop economic modelling skills for all aspects of decision-making and planning from analysis and policy design to impact analysis, forecasting, monitoring and evaluation.

Economic models are inherently complex. EMA provides focused, applied, deep training to enable you to understand and use these advanced analytical tools. Our capacity training gives you the ability to more productively and skilfully analyse the present, anticipate the future and make and implement policy choices with confidence. With a suite of international models at your disposal, our capacity building tools meet the needs of those who want to acquire or sharpen their understanding of economics and economic modelling skills.

EMA is YOUR gateway to the world of economic modelling

Featured Courses

Poverty-Inequality Modelling

Multi-Sector Macroeconomic Modelling

Modelling Provincial-District-Municipal Economies

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A Word From Our Directors

Dr. Pali Lehohla

EMA Director

Dr. Asghar Adelzadeh

EMA Director

Welcome to EMA, established in response to the growing need for specialized training in economic modelling.

EMA courses are designed to empower researchers and policy analysts to harness the potential of economic modelling. We aim to demystify the field of economic modelling and the skill set required to understand, use and build economic models.

Our courses cover an array of policy areas to meet your needs, each featuring practical hands-on training. We invite you to join the growing EMA community.

Choose your course and get studying!


"Significant progress is possible and is within our reach as we gain better handle on planning through planning tools."

Jeffrey Thamsanqa Radebe, Minister in the Presidency: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

“Amazing course by the EMA team. If you want hands on economic modelling instruction with real world applications look no further.

South Africa | Macro Economic Modelling Course

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